Spring is in the air?

Mist on the windshield

Mist on the windshield

Don’t get me wrong.

I know we haven’t had the mother of all winters. No record snowfalls burying our cars and street signs like it did in 2008. No unbearably long stretches at -30ºC. Overall, a Canadian’s dream winter.

Last week, from March 12-15 or so, temperatures climbed up to around 16ºC — that’s above zero. My daughters wore thin spring jackets to school. Joggers were spotted wearing shorts. I wore flip flops on a walk to the drug store. Ah, the exhilaration of having your toes feel the warm breeze!

Then we headed to Sherbrooke, QC for the weekend. Originally, they were announcing around 12ºC, sunny with a few clouds. The weather forecasts again proved themselves consistent in their inability to accurately predict weather and temperature.

Not only was it barely above freezing point, but it actually started to snow on Sunday. Or, as my brain translated, a trillion pigeons circled overhead while letting loose. And on the 2nd day of spring no less.

We drove back home to Ottawa through an insulting mix of snow and rain, which eventually faded into a fine mist. The kind that mockingly speckles your windshield, but never quite enough to justify the wipers, who would only smear it all over the windshield, causing more reduced visibility than the mist.

Sigh. Did someone not get the memo? It’s spring.

On the other hand, we’ll appreciate our upcoming vacation in the Dominican Republic all the more. I can already taste the rum…


2 comments on “Spring is in the air?

  1. Nancy says:

    Well, if you would have stayed in Ottawa, you would not have experienced the trillion pigeons circling overhead while letting loose…no snow here!

    As for your office photo, what’s in the background? Looks like a hotel room? Need to comment?

    Cheers on the blog neighbour..that’s also with an ou!

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