Happily ever after

Chris and I shot Justine and Sebastien’s wedding last weekend. The bride is an educator at our daughters’ day care, and heard of us through colleagues. The bride’s mother-in-law is fashion designer Guylaine Taillefer. Not only was Mrs. Taillefer making all the bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen’s accessories herself, but made the bride’s gown in the last two weeks leading up to the wedding – convenient for a bride 6 months pregnant.



When I first heard the wedding colours were lime green and hot pink, an image of a candy wrapper popped into my head. But once I saw everything, I fell in love with the theme. And this wedding party pulled it off like yesterday’s pantyhose.

wedding party

wedding party

Take a look above. Despite a pregnant bride and a very pregnant bridesmaid, the entire bunch eagerly climbed up haystacks 15 feet high; the bride and groom embarked on a canoe in full wedding attire; and the bride finished the shoot by improvising a balancing act on the railing of a small pedestrian bridge. See sample photos on our Facebook page or on One Big Eye.

Despite great weather and a rockin’ couple, I was nervous about their reaction to the photos. I knew we got some pretty good shots, but if they weren’t happy campers, we’d have to face the bride every day when we pick up our daughters, as well as all the colleagues she talks to. I could think of better scenarios, especially since most of her friends include young, unwed couples.

Much to my delight, the couple (and their colleagues) have been very enthusiastic about the photos. In fact, some of their friends have written to us about their upcoming weddings. Happy clients make for great publicity!


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