Attention Shoppers

Shopping is underrated. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a woman. I truly mean it.

When women talk about shopping, men get an instant image of us gallivanting through malls, frivolously whipping out our credit cards and coming home with a dozen bags of junk and a second mortgage. That’s the glazed look on their faces, ladies.

Truth is, because most women like shopping, we’re also much better at it. We’re savvy deal-finders and expert comparison shoppers. It’s not just about jewelry and shoes. No, really. We provide for the entire family: clothes for the kids, school supplies, home furnishings, and yes, clothes for our husbands who hate shopping and otherwise would wear the same old jeans and college t-shirt until the fibers disintegrated.

Without us, our walls would don nothing more than a couple of movie posters held up with blue sticky tack. The only place to tell time would be the alarm clock or the microwave oven. And the only decorations anywhere would be those likely to hold chips or pretzels.

But that’s OK. Since we do in fact enjoy finding the best items at the best price, we gladly step up to the task. In fact, we get great satisfaction from coming home with great stuff for our families and our homes. But given existing stereotypes, I feel guilty when I need to buy something for me. Like I somehow have to justify it:

– Winter boots date back to 1998, leaked freezing water in, and I lost three toes. I can buy a new pair.
– After getting new wardrobes for the kids, I’ll allow myself a new shirt for work – one that’ll go with everything I own.
– Five pairs of socks with holes. I’ve mended 4, but I’m splurging and buying a pair. And I’ll pick some up for my husband while I’m out.
– I’ve cleaned the entire house and threw my back out scrubbing the floors. I can go for an 80%-reimbursable massage, right?

I’m by no means someone with a large collection of shoes and purses; but I needed a new brown handbag, and I found the perfect one. Although it’s a little pricier than I hoped, it’s gorgeous, sturdy, and made entirely of chocolate brown cowhide. Including the straps, which means they won’t crack and break. The buckles on the front remind me a little of those old-fashioned leather school bags kids had in the 70’s. Utilitarian and stylish.

New chocolate brown leather purse

New chocolate brown leather purse

Few things are as satisfying as finding exactly that thing you’ve been looking for. Of course, now I’ll need matching shoes…


2 comments on “Attention Shoppers

  1. Heather says:

    Post a picture of the bag! πŸ™‚

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