Home Alone

Okay, not exactly alone – I do have the girls with me. But Chris is in Austin, Texas on a business trip until Saturday night. So I am, in fact, alone taking care of the girls and the house.

Although I find, with no offense meant to my loving husband Chris whatsoever, that the household is more organized and I’m more efficient when he’s not around. Since I’m aware that he’s not there for me to nag to do stuff count on, I find myself making the girls’ lunches ahead of time, keeping up with laundry, planning meals, helping Olivia with homework and piano practice, bathing the girls, all with time to spare for bedtime stories and tummy zerberts. And both girls are tucked in by 7:30.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Chris always buys chocolates for the girls when he leaves, and every night when they’re asleep, I sneak one on their night table. The next morning, they both wake up to find a mystery chocolate “from daddy” and try to imagine how he possibly manages to put one there every night. Over time, they’ve provided an entertaining array of hypotheses:

– Our neighbour sneaks into our house when we’re all asleep and leaves the chocolate.

– Magic.

– He hides them inside or under a stuffed animal, and each night one chocolate comes out.

– He throws it up into the wind, and the wind blows the chocolate all the way to our house and into their rooms. (Points awarded for creativity)

As a side note, I should mention that these are all Olivia’s guesses. She’s always trying to figure everything out and asking a hundred questions. Angelina is just happy to get chocolate. Wise in her own way, she’s probably thinking “Shut up, don’t jinx it. Just eat the damn chocolate.” For now.

But this morning, and it was bound to happen, Olivia finally figured it out. I almost denied it, but finally admitted to being Chris’s accomplice. We won’t let Angelina in on our secret just yet – I want to hear all the crazy tales she comes up with when she tries to solve the chocolate mystery…


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