Upchuck Fail

It had been a long time since one of my daughters was ill, but this weekend Olivia’s number was up.

She started complaining that her stomach was hurting on Saturday afternoon. OK, not so much complaining as letting out a loud chain of whines and cries. Sadly, we know Olivia often tends to exaggerate for attention, and we didn’t really take her seriously at first. For which I feel quite guilty, in retrospect. She said she felt like she might be sick. A few minutes later, turns out she was right.

Now, I understand she was sick and out of sorts. And she’s normally a very bright girl. But I really wish that when we told her to run to the toilet, she had grasped that we meant *stand in front of the toilet*, and not *sit on the toilet*. FAIL.

Whatever you’re picturing, it’s probably accurate.

A couple of loads of laundry later (not to mention some mopping and disinfecting), we realized the tone was set for the weekend. Throw in a fever, and now we’re really having fun.

She’s much better now. Finally managed to hold down some chicken broth, and her complexion is definitely a healthier shade of green.

But lesson learned – next time, specify what to do when arriving at the toilet.


4 comments on “Upchuck Fail

  1. Tony says:

    Haha, what I pictured was her sitting on the toilet, looking at the wall in the bathroom, and puked at it.
    Make sense ? ūüėÄ

  2. ocdriver2010 says:

    I feel empathy for you and your daughter. However the tale reminds me of a woman I dated many years ago. We were walking and she suddenly announced she wasn’t feeling well. She was going to be sick. I didn’t have time to inquire into the details. We were approaching a large public garbage bin as we were walking. The young woman simply leaned forward and vomited into the garbage can and continued walking. She promptly announced she was feeling much better. Not one drop appeared to miss the garbage can. Hopefully your daughter is feeling much better by the time you read this post.

  3. Tanya says:

    I’m not a parent yet, but I babysat this girl for five years who was perpetually sick; so much so she carried around a little plastic bucket all the time. Poor thing! Now, everytime I go to the beach, all I see are vomitous children and I want to run away!

    I hope whe’s feeling 100% soon.

  4. Lucille Montmigny says:

    Oh Boy ! Des souvenirs oubli√©s me reviennent… J’ai √©galement une fille qui avait une “l√©g√®re” tendance √† l’exag√©ration pour obtenir de l’attention √©tant jeune ūüôā

    En bonne visuelle, je m’imagine Olivia assise aux toilettes et regardant le mur… Pauvre petite ! et pauvre maman aussi !

    Je suis contente qu’elle aille mieux.

    J’aime beaucoup ta fa√ßon humoristique de raconter tes exp√©riences.

    A bient√īt ! xox

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