Hiya Flintstone!

This morning I got a call on my cell phone from (905)461-2357. Since I didn’t recognize the number, I didn’t answer. The same number then called three times in the span of two minutes, and then again after lunch. A quick Google search told me I wasn’t alone receiving countless calls from them on my cell phone; some sources claim these calls are a scam. Turns out they’re from Just Energy, and we can call customer service (1-866-587-8674) to be removed from their list.

Below is a recap of my conversation with one of their clueless gits customer service rep:

Me: Hi, I’ve been receiving calls from you on my cell phone and I’d like it to stop.

Rep: Okay ma’am, so you have an account with us, and have received a call from us?

(Um… did he just *ma’am* me?)

Me: No. I have no account with you. I’ve never heard of you before I started getting calls from you today. Suddenly. And repeatedly.

Rep: So you don’t have an account with us. Could you confirm the number you’re calling about?

Me: Sure. (I confirm the number)

Rep: Thank you. Could you confirm your name ma’am?

Me: No. Why do you need my name? I’m not a client of yours. I have no account with you. I’m on the National No-Call list, and I just want my number taken off your list.

Rep: There is an existing account with your number, and I need to confirm your name to get into the account.

Me: That’s personal information. I’m not giving you my name. Why don’t you tell me what name you have on the account, and I’ll tell you if it’s accurate?

Rep: I can’t do that ma’am. It’s personal information.

Me: Okay, then give me the initial and I’ll confirm that.

Rep: I can’t do that ma’am. It’s personal information.

Me: The initial?? That’s not personal information. It doesn’t say anything.

Rep: Okay, fine. “S”.

Me: I can confirm that no one in our household has “S” as an initial. So the account is definitely not mine. I just want my number taken off your list.

Rep: Okay, I can add you to our No-Call list. I’ll need your name.

(That’s funny. I could swear we just did this.)

Me: I’m not giving you my name. I don’t want to give you any personal information.

Rep: I can’t add you without a name.

Me: Make one up.

Rep: I can’t do that, ma’am.

Me: Fine. Wilma Flintstone.

Rep: How do you spell that?

Me: Have you ever watched the Flintstones?

Rep: Ma’am, I’m trying to help. Help me help you.

(Enter flashback from Jerry Maguire here, as I spell “Wilma Flintstone”)

Rep: Thank you. I need your mailing address now.

Me: Is this a joke? I don’t want to give you my name, and you think I’ll give you my mailing address??

Rep: I need it to add you to our no-call list.

Me: Fine. 123 Street Name.

Rep: Postal code?

Me: You understand I’m making this up, right?

Rep: That’s fine ma’am. I just need to fill in the information.

Me: Make one up! HOH OHO. There.

Rep: Thank you. Please allow 48 hours for it to take effect. Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Me: No.

Rep: Thank you for calling, Mrs. Flintstone.

Update: Tonight at 7 p.m., I received an automated call on my cell phone thanking me for opening an account with Just Energy; unfortunately they can’t activate the account because information is missing on the account…



3 comments on “Hiya Flintstone!

  1. ocdriver2010 says:

    Wow, this is great, too bad you didn’t record the call.

  2. ocdriver2010 says:

    Hey, I have an idea, would you mind telling me the number you called, I want to prank call their call centre. Thank you, OCDriver2010

  3. LOL they’re in the first paragraph of my post. Have fun, let me know how it goes!

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