My name is Nadia Zwierzchowska. I’m a Canadian, communicator, photographer, wife and mommy. Not necessarily in that order. I love photography, reading, travel and baking. I always have a song in my head, I love playing and singing with my two beautiful daughters Olivia and Angelina, and spending time with my husband/best friend Christian. I love to laugh, and believe that humour and sarcasm are underrated and underused.

My likes include: photography, old-school sci-fi novels, spas, baking, buying new photo gear, riding my motorcycle, writing, cappuccino, music (especially jazz, R&B and classic rock), playing piano, summer, driving in the absence of traffic, spending time with my family, a good Tawny, and chocolate.

My dislikes include: mornings (or more specifically having an alarm clock), traffic, romantic comedies, Canadian winters, Coronation Street, eggs, John Candy, Napoleon Dynamite, telemarketers, Rogers/Bell/all other large telecoms with no notion of customer service, celery and tofu. This list will grow with time.

This blog is about life, the universe and everything. Not the Douglas Adams novel, but rather whatever gets my attention on any given day. Kind of like an online journal. With an attitude.


One comment on “About

  1. Sonia Palik says:

    Nadia I love reading your blog. You make me laugh and that is what we all need, to take our lives a little less seriously. Keep it up…. I’ll be back.

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